Magical Beast (Shapechanger, Youkai)

  • -2 Intelligence
  • In addition Hengeyoukai gain +2 to their animal form’s highest physical stat and +2 to their animal form’s highest mental stat.
  • Shapeshifting(su): Hengeyoukai can change shape, assuming one of three possible forms. Changing form us a full-round action that does provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • A hengeyoukai’s animal form is of an animal between the sizes of Diminutive and Huge. Common animals include badger, bear, cat, dog, fox, hare, monkey, raccoon dog, rat, sparrow, snake, tiger and wolf. In the animal form the hengeyoukai has the supernatural ability to communicate with other animals of its kind. This ability functions like Beast Shape except as noted. The animal form can be held unlimited duration and only for a single animal selected upon character creation. The animal form counts as the hengeyoukai’s natural form for effects that force a shapeshifter to return to its natural form, including death. Those who look upon the hengeyoukai with True Seeing see their animal form. Items worn or carried by the hengeyoukai fall to the side if they are items that cannot be worn by the form the hengeyoukai is changing into. Rings and wearable wondrous items will change size and shape to fit the wearer.
  • A hengeyoukai in hybrid form is humanoid but maintains some bonuses their animal form have. The abilities a hybrid form hengeyoukai have are outlined by Beast Shape except the hybrid form is medium sized, does not gain strength, dexterity or natural armor bonuses. The hybrid is bipedal and if the animal form has wings the hybrid form will have both wings and arms. Exception: If the animal form is Huge than the hybrid form will be Large ( +2 Strength as well as Size bonuses and penalties ), if the animal form is Diminutive than the hybrid form will be Small ( +2 Dexterity as well as Size bonuses and penalties ). Exactly where between ‘human’ and ‘animal’ this form lies varies. As creatures closer to spirits than flesh self-image has a lot to do with how the hybrid form looks. Hengeyoukai raised among fellow beasts tend to appear more feral and ape-like in proportion. Hengeyoukai raised in a mixed community with humanoids can look nearly indistinguishable from humans, with only ears and tails setting them apart. Most hengeyoukai rest comfortably between these extremes, like an animal’s skin, skull and appendages over the body of a human.
  • A hengeyoukai in human form looks and functions as if they were human, although true seeing reveals their animal form. This form is always Medium size. It is common for the human form to keep some accents of their animal side but while this might strain the limits of human appearance it never breaks it. Traits might include mane-like hair, a cat-like smile, long canines, odd shaped noses or unusually large pupils. This form receives no bonuses from the shapeshifting ability. Hengeyoukai in societies that accept youkai alongside humanoids rarely, if ever, bother adopting this form.
  • Level Adjustment Options: The Beast Shape used for the hengeyoukai’s Shapeshifting power may be either Beast Shape I, II or III. A hengeyoukai who chooses an lower option may elect to advance to Beast Shape II or III later by taking an additional Level Adjustment instead of a class level. An example of a hengeyoukai who might do this is a lion, who grows from a child-sized Medium Lion to a full-grown Large Lion, or maybe even a Huge Size Dire Lion!
  • Tiny or diminutive animals such as cats, foxes and mice often grow to Small or Medium size upon becoming a youkai. Such youkai advancing in Level Adjustment to gain more powerful forms can reclaim their base animal’s natural size.
  • Level Adjustment: +1(Beast Shape I), +2(Beast Shape II) or +4(Beast Shape III)
  • Half Hengeyoukai: The shapeshifting powers of the youkai allow them to breed with most humanoid races. A humanoid-youkai hybrid is known as a hanyou. A half-hengeyoukai is identical to a full hengeyoukai but only have access to the hybrid form and cannot shapeshift. That is their true and only form. They are Humanoid with both Youkai and their humanoid parent’s race as subtypes.
  • Half Hengeyoukai have the same Beast Shape options as a full Hengeyoukai
  • Movement speeds other than Land Speed are not gained until level 4.
  • Level Adjustment: +0(Beast Shape I), +1(Beast Shape II) or +3(Beast Shape III)

Common Species

Kitsune: Fox Youkai

  • Descriptions: Kitsune are tricksters and magic lovers. Kitsune love nothing quite as much as karmic justice and like to provoke it from the shadows. Kitsune have powerful senses and a connection to the divine unlike most youkai, often serving as servants and messengers of gods.
  • Classes: Illusionists, Rogues, Clerics

Nekomata: Cat Youkai

  • Description: Nekomata are vicious, lustful and have an unnerving fascination with both death and undeath. Almost always self interested to the point of sociopathy. Those who manage to befriend a nekomata have their eternal loyalty. Nekomata enjoy lying so knowing if one has truly been befriended is hard. There are exceptions of truly friendly nekomata, but they have a hard time getting people to trust them.
  • Classes: Necromancers, Rogues

Tanuki: Raccoon Dog Youkai

  • Description: Tanuki are kind-hearted tricksters. Constantly finding excuses to avoid responsibility and throw festivities. Simple creatures.
  • Classes: Bards, Clerics, Illusionists, Enchanters

Tengu: Crow or Wolf Youkai

  • Description: Tengu are honorable, loyal, disciplined and very violent. A proud military race. Crow Tengu make the upper class nobles. Wolf Tengu are second-class solders. Neither should be underestimated.
  • Classes: Fighters, Monks, Clerics

Naga: Snake Youkai

  • Description: Naga are dwellers of deserts, swamps and woodlands. They are tribal hunters and rarely bother dealing with non-naga. Little is known about their culture.
  • Classes: Rangers, Rogues, Barbarians

Nezumi: Rat or Mouse Youkai

  • Description: Unclean, pragmatic and often hoarders. Very loyal to they call family, either in birth or in spirit. They often have trouble comprehending complex social structures although just as many excel dramatically.
  • Classes: Rangers, Rogues

Usagi: Rabbit Youkai

  • Description: Wanderlust stricken travelers. Too impulsive to ever stay in the same place or with the same people for long. Only those who share their desire to wander have a hope to become their companions. To many beasts, including fellow hengeyoukai, Usagi are something of a delicacy.
  • Due to an ancient and unknown favor to the Goddess of Endings Usagi were allowed to keep their psychic powers long after the age of Psions came to a close.
  • Classes: Psions


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